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The Samsa Pen Sleeve

    1. Capacity: These are designed to hold a single pen or mechanical pencil up to a 1/2" in diameter.
    2. Materials: Italian vegetable tanned leather, French linen thread and a wax
    3. Size: about 1.5x6” (≈3,8x15,25cm)
    4. Construction: die cut, handsewn, naturally burnished
  • These cases are designed to carry pens of varying lengths and up to 1/2" in diameter. Simply place your pen in the pouch leaving clip on the outside for a quick and convenient way to store and access your pen.

    These pouches are made with full grain, vegetable tanned leather from the renowned Walpier tannery in Italy. I take great care when choosing leather, and only buy the highest grades available.

    Each case is saddle stitched by hand with a white linen thread for superior durability and an elegant aesthetic element. The edges are meticulously smoothed and sealed with an all-natural wax that’s produced in-house.


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