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Full Grain Creations black belt

Black Bridle Belt

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The concept behind these belts is simple. It’s a classic design, made with robust materials, clean craftsmanship and aesthetics to serve you well anywhere from the conference room to the garage.

These belts are made with full grain vegetable tanned bridle leather from Wickett and Craig tannery, in Pennsylvania. Each strap is hand cut to ensure blemishes in the hides are avoided, while the holes are machine punched for the utmost precision.

The buckles are made of solid brass and have a silver colored nickel finish that’s polished to a subtle luster. The belt loops are handsewn and meticulously finished. The buckle and loop are secured with Chicago screws, enabling you to alternate your buckles, if desired.



  • Please Note: My belts are made true to size, and do not account for the vanity sizing used by most clothing companies. Subsequently, I strongly recommend using the guide posted in the product images and/or the information below.
  • How to measure: Measure your current belt from the hole you use the most to where the buckle meets the end of the leather. See the fourth photo for an example.
  • Size: The belts are about 1.5” wide and .16” thick (≈38mm wide and 4mm thick) Choose your length (in inches) when ordering.
  • Customization: If you don’t see the size you’re looking for, just contact me. Hand stitched versions are available upon request.