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Handsewn Leather Coasters

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    1. Size: About 4x4" by .25" thick
    2. Materials: Hermann Oak drum dyed vegetable tanned leather, French linen thread, a propriety wax compound
    3. Construction: Handcut, handsewn, natural burnish
  • These are hand made with three layers of black vegetable tanned leather from

    Hermann Oak Tannery, in Missouri, and hand sewn with white linen thread. The top layer of the coaster is absorbent to capture condensation. The middle is padded to provide a raised and elegant look. The bottom layer is heavily waxed and sealed to prevent moisture from seeping through to surfaces underneath. The edges are also sealed to help contain moisture.

    Simply wipe away excess condensation after use and allow any remaining moisture to evaporate overnight. The appearance of water rings is minimized by the carefully chosen black leather.

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