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Full Grain Creations' story

I'm Morgan Timmann, the owner, designer, crafter and predominantly one man show behind Full Grain Creations.

Morgan Timmann the owner of Full Grain Creations

As a child, my father would occasionally take me into a local saddlery shop. It was here that I saw my first saddle and where my passion for leather was born. The meticulous detail put into the hand crafted tack amazed me and the smell of the leather was (and still is) simply intoxicating. I was also profoundly taken aback by the realization that a work of art could be both aesthetic and serve a functional purpose. It would be years before I started studying modern design principles or was able to work my own leather, but this is where the story behind Full Grain Creations was born.

Once I had the time and means to start working with leather, I began fixing damaged belts and bags. Reattaching and repairing bag handles helped me to develop a meticulous eye for the minor details that can truly make or break a design. Soon I started making small goods for myself and anyone willing to test out my humble creations. All the while, I bought up every old leather working book I could find and learned techniques from seasoned regional crafters.

Now my initial passion has become a full blown love affair, as I spend all of my available time designing goods and working with leather. My primary drive is to create products that blend the functionality and durability seen in robust saddlerly with the meticulous and refined detailing elements of traditional European leatherworking, all the while fusing in my own unique aesthetics. The purpose of this website is to offer unique handmade goods that can serve you well for a lifetime. Whether you were brought here by a search engine, social media or referral, I hope that I can help you find what you're looking for. Please don't hesitate contact me with any questions or custom requests.

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